The Miracle of Lasik

While it has been over 10 years since I personally had Lasik vision correction myself and experienced first hand the incredible feeling of being able to see clearly without the need for artificial devices, it’s no less satisfying to me as a Lasik surgeon seeing patients who have struggled with thick glasses or contact lenses suddenly be freed of these hassles and wake up in the morning with clear vision. What an age we live in today where someone can walk into our office with the major handicap of poor sight, and walk out less than an hour later with clear vision that continues to improve while also experiencing no pain.

I wonder why more people have not had this done! I hear all the common ‘excuses”‘-  like “I’m scared”. I’m scared to drive or fly or go to the dentist, but it doesn’t stop me from doing any of these. Fact is people don’t go blind from Lasik. A bad case can mean a blurry period of a few months until the vision stabilizes and a retreatment can be done, and this is very uncommon. I hear “I can’t afford it” a lot, but many patients don’t realize how affordable it really is. At a cost of around $2300 per eye and free no-interest financing, many people truly can afford it.  There are few things in life you can have that you will enjoy every waking moment of your life, which increase the quality of our lives as much as clear vision. It seems silly to me to put up with such a handicap in todays world where it is so easy, low risk, and relatively inexpensive to have this handicap fixed. The military figured out a long time ago that fixing the vision of soldiers, seamen, and aircrew are a major strategic advantage on the modern battlefield. I was blessed to be on active duty in the Navy when the program to begin doing Lasik on Navy Seals began in the 90’s. Now it has expanded to all branches of the service despite the costs due to the importance of clear vision. NASA allows astronauts to have Lasik before space flight. How ‘dangerous’ could it really be?


If you’ve thought about having a vision correction procedure I wish you’d call our office. There are few things you can do for yourself that you’ll enjoy so much every day. The most common comment I hear from patients is “I wish I would’ve had it done sooner !”


The Changing nature of Cataract Surgery

It is Friday, and just as I do every Friday morning I have just completed the computations for my surgical patients that are scheduled the next week.
It occurred to me how different things are today from only 10 years or so ago. Unlike before, now I spend literally hours prior to a patient having – say cataract surgery or Lasik correction, in order to give them the best and most precise results. With cataract surgery the measurements of the eyes have already been taken by our skilled technicians using lasers and advanced instruments. Now I can analyse the data and run it through multiple computer programs to allow me to formulate an accurate surgical plan on each patient for next week. As I do this, I am struck by the number of patients that I have already done surgery on (their first eye) that are 20/20 or 20/25 without glassses, despite having a very strong eyeglass prescription before surgery. As I stated before – wow what a difference from only a few years ago. Having the new-technology lens implants like Crystalens, being able to correct patients’ astigmatism at the same time as removing their cataract, and new-technology phacoemulsification machines that assist in cataract removal has really allowed this to happen. It’s very pleasing to my patients (and also to me!) to see how well they can see usually literally the next day!
What a great time to be an ophthalmologist, and what a great time for a patient to need Lasik or cataract surgery!

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